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Great game with a simple but really fun concept! + cool soundtrack, also you should consider making an android version!

This is a veeery cool game. It is hard and interesting + cool soundtrack. Hope it will be released on Android soon.

Considering an android version? :c

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Wonderful game. Played the demo of this when it was still half-finished, happily bought it when it came out, and happily sacrificed hundreds of lives to its spiky hallways. 

Thanks for this game!

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Crashed with a Nodejs error just barely out of the gate. Windows 10.

TypeError: Failed to execute 'drawImage' on 'CanvasRenderingContext2D': No function was found that matched the signature provid

I played Blitz Breaker on my weekly indie game show Games and CHiLL. A lot of the puzzles in this are both clever and frustrating - perfect! I enjoyed the short playthrough I did and would LOVE to play more of the game!

"All purchases include Steam Key (windows only at the moment)"

Where is the key of this game? I couldn't find it.

says here that there should have been a 'Claim Key' button on the downloads page.

I guess there is no steam key giveaway. just download :(

Figured out how to get the steam key. You need to make a valid purchase of blitz breaker. The minimum allowed amount is 50 cents.

Any chance you will ever bring this to Consoles or will it remain a steam game only?

Currently working on the mobile ports (iOS is out pretty quick actually)

XBox One is in the works, I have a dev kit and have started tinkering with it, so it's a definite possibility.

Like me on facebook page - i shared your game :D


Made a video some time ago